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Re: [IP] Paradigm Reservoir

Before I started on my pump, I was taking about 80 units a day of insulin total
(50 basal and ~30 bolus).  After pump I'm using on average about 65 units a day
(37 basal and ~30 bolus).  Not a significant drop, but still measurable.

I too looked at the Paradigm when doing my pump shopping and decided not to go
that route because of it's insulin storage capacity.  At my current usage, I
would get less than 3 days of insulin in a reservoir.  In my mind, this was
cutting it way too close.   I typically fill my reservoirs now (300 u max) to
about 240 and then prime down to 225 or so.   This leaves me a comfortable
cushion in case I can't change exactly after 3 days.   If the site is being
good, I'll leave it in until I run out of insulin and change them both out at
the same time.

I was a bit concerned with the direction MM was heading by cutting down on
insulin capacity and going to non-standard infusion sets/reservoirs with the
Paradigm.  It's kind of a Microsoft mentality, "our way or the highway".  
Keeping with open standards led me to pursue Disetronic, Animas, and others.

I won't say which I chose (those who've read my posts before know which one I
did), but I will say that the pump had to use standard sets and be capable of
storing 300 units of insulin in the reservoir in order to remain on my list.   

The point I'm getting to with all of this, is that your current insulin needs
(rather than an estimated post-pump needs) would be far more useful in making a
decision.   If I had counted on a post-pump TDD estimate, I would have chosen


--- Sherry Nolan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> However to your question about the daily amount of insulin, how often a day
> are you currently injecting and with what type of insulins?  Pre-pump, three
> years ago, I was on shots 4-6 times a day with Humalog and NPH and was
> totaling about 80 units a day.  Now I am taking about 35 - 45 units a day,
> again depending on what I am eating.  My daily dose is less then what my
> morning dose was before pump.  I think many other people have found that
> they need less insulin once they go on the pump because they have less
> swings and can control more with the basal insulin rather then with insulin
> at meals.  However, I would guess that those on Lantus and Humalog or
> Novolog may see less of a difference?

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