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Re: [IP] Paradigm Reservoir

I can't speak directly about the paradigm, because I have a MM508.  But I
change my infusion sets every 4 or 5 days and the reservoir every 3-5
depending on what I'm eating.  This time a year it is closer to 3 days.  ;-)
I only fill the reservoir to 150-160 units because I found the reservoir
extending outside the pump to be annoying.  I know the paradigm is limited
to the smaller reservoir, 176 vs 300 but that is still more then the half
reservoir filling which a number of us use?

However to your question about the daily amount of insulin, how often a day
are you currently injecting and with what type of insulins?  Pre-pump, three
years ago, I was on shots 4-6 times a day with Humalog and NPH and was
totaling about 80 units a day.  Now I am taking about 35 - 45 units a day,
again depending on what I am eating.  My daily dose is less then what my
morning dose was before pump.  I think many other people have found that
they need less insulin once they go on the pump because they have less
swings and can control more with the basal insulin rather then with insulin
at meals.  However, I would guess that those on Lantus and Humalog or
Novolog may see less of a difference?

Good luck in your research, they are all good pumps.
-- Sherry
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