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[IP] Survival...

You know, it's funny...I sit back and read post after post from people that 
have totally different opinions than me.  Everyone on this list has a 
different sense of humor than me AND some people get their inspriration from 
the opposite place than I do.  For those of you who take offense at posts 
here on the list, sometimes, you just gotta let it go.  I view this list 
kind of like sitting at the airport...I sit back and watch (read) what 
others are doing and sometimes, I wonder, "what in the world are they 
thinking".  But, I NEVER, EVER harass anyone on here for their posts or 
opinions.  Take a chill people...maybe that will save us all from having to 
read a response from the original poster of the "survival" message.

Lea I

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