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[IP] Sara Smarty Pants in Phoeniz

hey, I am crawling out of my hole down here in Tucson and gonna be in Phoenix 
on Sunday the 8th...any one brave enough to come meet both me AND Fran?

We are gonna have brunch at La Madeleine on Camelback at 32nd on Sunday the 
8th, 11:00am....

Wish this was La Madeleine in Dallas ;-)   but I guess that will have to wait 
(sorry, private joke for S.)

In case you don't know La madeleine, it is a french pastry cafe and 
restaurant.  This is the place to blow a few dozen units of insulin if ever 
there was one...and they have AMAZING coffee...

Write me back privately if you think you might come, so we can know how many 
chairs to pull up.

Sara Smarty Pants
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