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[IP] Re:Strong vs.Weak

On 12/4/02 5:49 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> From: "dclover" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Survival...
> ya know you people are all a f****** joke, you all treat being a diabetic
> like a club, its not a god damn game. I have only had my diagnosis for about
> 6 weeks and allready you jerks disgust me. Take me off this weak f******
> list B-4 I puke on my key board. Tami go f*** a fence post, its weak minded
> a** holes like you that got this country attacked in the first place. I got
> better things to do like trying to get better.....

Ah, such refreshing, EDUCATED Posts like this.... Maybe you ARE hurting, but
you also simply sound MEAN and more sour than anyone *I* have seen on this
list. Six weeks isn't long, and yeah you sound a bit imbalanced over all
this. BUT no one here got this country attacked, that was independently
chosen by folks who don't even live here, and who are brainwashed.

It seems the weaker the mind, the more expletives and hate comes out.
Flinging brutal insults to people on this list is not what the strong do.
You seem to have a very poor image of yourself over the diabetes....Or maybe
that was there before diagnosis and this is how you see the world generally?

You really ought to grow up and accept what has happened to you re: Diabetes
and stop being so awful to people. You know, anger kills more often than
diabetes: Ulcers, heart attacks, suicides etc.... I've had my diabetes for
18 years and am yet without complications. I think this has at least a part
due to my attitude which is to do well in spite of having diabetes. I don't
let Terrorism beat me, and diabetes won't either.

Yes, as 10% of the population of the world has diabetes of some sort and
only 10% of THOSE are 'Type 1', having this IS a 'club'. It is an
exclusivity *I* wouldn't have chosen, but it is no one's fault that I have
it either.

You can be powerful without being crude. Tactless and plain rude are the
'qualities' of the weak mind, not the strong.

Maybe when you have gotten over the initial grieving for the body that let
you down, you can return in a more adult, and tolerant manner. For now, you
are too angry and upset to be nice to anyone....including yourself.

Failure is not an option....It comes bundled with the software.
                                                (--------Bill Gates?)
Jenny Sutherland
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