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Re: [IP] Re: Survival

well said!!!! or is that sayd
> Please do your share and make a tax deductible donation to the FALL
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> I didn't see it as all that offensive. Not nearly as offensive as the
> comments made about.
> (maybe it didnt need to be posted here, but ignoring it would have made a
> bigger impact)
> One of the ways "Ive dealt" with my diabetes, is to not get too upset about
> things that "aint all that big a deal", or "that i cant do much about".
> It did take be back for a few minutes, and I did get a chuckle.
> and i did think it made some sence (or is that sense).
> I love people who disagree with someone, 
> and their first comment (when someone makes a small typing error, like tow,
> and two),
> is no attack their spelling (or is that typing).....
> AND BTW, what's the need for profanity? 
> if you need to use it, how about F&$^#in@ insted...... or is that instead ??
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