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[IP] paradigm question

I would like to hear from people who had a mm508 or 507c and switched to a 
paradigm... do you like it better or worse and why?  Please email me privately 
at email @ redacted because I have seen paradigm wars on the list before 
and I don't want to start another one.  I haven't gotten my upgrade yet, they 
don't have any classes available that I can get to... only M-F daytime and 6+ 
hours away and I can't take the time off work.  They said they might be able to 
do it at my dr office but they have to wait till everyone else is done.  I am 
beginning to wonder if it's worth it.  I'm particularly interested to know is 
it truly waterproof?  Is the smaller size noticeable?  Is it really quiet when 
delivering (for me that's a plus)?  Have you had many problems with it?  How 
long have you had it?  Is setting up the reservoir and inserting any more 
difficult or time consuming than with 508?  Are the features and buttons user 
friendly?  I like to be able to use the audio bolus on 508, is that also 
available on the paradigm?  Thanks for your input.
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