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[IP] Frozen shoulder input ..............

Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 17:01:39 -0500
From: "Roger Wendell" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: frozen shoulder manipulation

I am going through physical therapy for frozen shoulders for the second
time in 3 years.  The first time it was only for my right shoulder.  It
didn't do any good.  Now, my left shoulder is worse than my right.  I am
also losing ROM in my pelvis. All the PT seems to be doing is making
both shoulders even more
sore.   Should I seek out an orthopedic surgeon and ask him about
"manipulation" or surgery?


Check out this web site regarding frozen shoulder:

I have had the manipulation surgery to also remove a bone spur and to
handle some of the adhesions followed by 3 months of PT, 3X per week
plus all the exercises at home.

Treating frozen shoulder takes a long, long time.

I have this book and am following the exercises in it rather than what
my PT told me to do as the PT exercises were keeping the shoulder
inflamed and in constant pain. The PT shop worked more on sports
medicine directed repairs and didn't seem to subscribe to frozen

I am still searching for a good frozen shoulder PT site in the NW
Houston area. I have also been going to a spa for massages and the guy
who works on me has had experience with sprorts medicine clinics and is
well aware of frozen shoulder and his work has helped my shoulder a
great deal. I have shared the 'frozen shoulder' book with him and he is
going to incorporate that into the massages I get.

My shoulder is much better, but still do not have full ROM and at times
when I do a stupid move it can hurt big time.

My shoulder started freezing up in March/April of 2002 and I finally had
the manipulation/surgery the first week of August following x-rays and
MRIs and then the PT until about 2 weeks ago. I'm planning on a year
(with proper exercise and luck) for 'unfreezing' my shoulder and then
hope the other one does not get impacted.


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX 77379
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