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Re: [IP] Re: Survival

I didn't see it as all that offensive. Not nearly as offensive as the
comments made about.
(maybe it didnt need to be posted here, but ignoring it would have made a
bigger impact)

One of the ways "Ive dealt" with my diabetes, is to not get too upset about
things that "aint all that big a deal", or "that i cant do much about".

It did take be back for a few minutes, and I did get a chuckle.
and i did think it made some sence (or is that sense).

I love people who disagree with someone, 
and their first comment (when someone makes a small typing error, like tow,
and two),
is no attack their spelling (or is that typing).....

AND BTW, what's the need for profanity? 
if you need to use it, how about F&$^#in@ insted...... or is that instead ??
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