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[IP] Re: Paradigm Clip

"Has anyone heard anything about MM developing a clip
for the Paradigm? I was assured by a MM rep about four
months ago that there was one in development... I
really hate the fact that there's no clip on the pump
- the holster is ok, but it is HUGE - I only use it at
home or else it feels like I'm wearing a
walkie-talkie. The cases for the Paradigm just stink."


I was wondering about this the other day myself.  When I called MM after receiving my pump and no clip (which is mentioned in the instruction booklet), the rep told me the same thing and that the previous clip kept breaking off so they were working on another one.  You'd think if they can develop a piece of equipment that can deliver precise doses of insulin, they could make an unbreakable clip.  The "Rocket Science" part has already been done.  I don't like the cases either.  I'd really like a clip too so that I could attach the pump to the inside of my skirt or nylons without a huge bulge.  Sorry this doesn't offer any ray of hope - just agreement.  Maybe all the Paradigm users should call them up and keep nagging them about it.

Shawna (dx'd 3/02, pumping since 8/02)
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