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Re: [IP] Re: Survival...

I think that was inspirational!  When i read it forgot for the few minutes i
was reading it that i was diabetic.  It brought me back in the past when i
wasn't diabetic and life was simple.  I don't understand why people are so
angry and disgruntled about the email.  Those people who responded
inappropriately should really learn to live life!  I myself at one point
would have thought who cares.  But when something like bad happens to us,
sometimes we don't care.  Think about the people with diabetes who have lost
their lives!!!!  Be thankful we have the technologies we have today and that
we are able to lead normal lives with diabetes!  Thank you to the person who
sent that email.  I was down on life thinking how bad things were for me,
but now i know things are great because i still have my health and my

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