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RE: [IP] question about retinopathy

My mom (type I)is blind from diabetes and my father(type II) is quickly
catching up to her. Both have lost their color vision for the most part
and while my dad can still see shapes, my mom can only make out shapes
in one eye on good days. My mother has been blind for about 7 years.
With retinopathy often the retina detaches and then there is no going
back as with one eye with my mother. My mom has no vision at all in that

With this history, I see the eye doctor every six months and am dilated.
I see the retina specialist every 18 months. I have no damage at all and
have been diabetic for 14 years. I do everything I can to keep it this
way. Most of my parent's retinopathy came from uncontrolled blood sugars
and not starting laser treatments early enough. Both have had serious
heart troubles and had to be on blood thinners. Once the bleeders
started and then add the blood thinners they had rapid vision loss.

My mother says that something during dialysis (possibly the pressure)
doesn't help the very little vision she has.
Gail Donohue
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