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[IP] Re: question about retinopathy

>>>When a person is blind due to
retinopathy, do they just see black or are they able to see shadows etc.

I would think it would depend on the severity. When mine ocurred, I was Rx'd
corrected lenses and when they came in a week later my vision was blurry. I
thought something was wrong with the lenses. Went to the eyeologist and he
said I needed to see a retinologist/vitreologist.

The next week when I went to Indy 3 hrs away, that dr. said I could be
corrected to 20/50 (you must be at least 20/40 in one eye to drive). Within
5 weeks my vision was 20/400 in my left eye, then 3 mos. later both eyes
were extremely blurry.

If someone wears glasses who has 20/400 without, but good vision with,
imagine breaking your glasses and that's how you see all the time. I could
not see the features of my face in the mirror and going into a groc. store
all the shelves were blurred and no way could I read labels or the large
signs above the aisle telling the products. I had to write phone numbers
with a Sharpie about 1" tall to read them.

My hugsband was truck driving and he filled a reservoir and deleted bubbles,
and filled 5 bkfst syringes, 5 lunch syringes, and 5 supper syringes (wasn't
on the 'net yet to know to carb count) and we placed them in butter dishes
with large signs so I'd know which was which. This was to cover all bases
with me being alone a week at a time. The Accu-Chek Complete has a backlight
and large letters so I could read BGs.

It was an extremely disturbing time and PTL, the eyeologist in Indy got me
corrected to 20/20 in my left eye!!!!!!!

>>Also, at this point, is there anything that can be done to reverse
retinopathy???  >>

There are so many advances in eye care for DMers. It saddens me so when I
hear of those who don't know there is help and do go blind assuming that's
what happens to DMers.

BTW, there are 3 kinds of blindness:
Legally blind - if not able to be  corrected at least 20/40.
Blind - can detect some images and dark/light but no details.
Totally Blind - no detection of dark/light as in our friend who had both
eyeballs removed due to a drunk-driving accident (his). PTL he is now a
deacon at our church and a SS teacher. :-)

>>I've been wondering about a friend of mine who went blind about 12 years
ago in her early 20's.  Thanks Deirdre>>

She should see a good retinologist/vitreologist for an evaluation. It
possibly is tooooo late. :-(((

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