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Re: [IP] Specifics about Paradigm

At 10:23 PM 12/3/02 -0600, you wrote:
 >> They've changed the newer ones and they don't conk out.  >
 >> Summer >
 >Are you sure about that? I haven't seen that posted before -- did Medtronic
 >admit the problem and fix it?
 >I am hoping you are right because I just started on the Paradigm a week ago.

I just got a new Paradigm. I sent my original one back because of the 
battery changing problem.  The new one has a newer version of the software 
(1.8C 1.1) and hasn't conked out after a battery change yet. I've had it 
since mid-October, I think.

If your software version is earlier than 1.8C I would suggest that you call 
MiniMed and request an upgrade. They should be happy to provide this as it 
will decrease their customer service call volume.

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