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Re: [IP] RE: basals for my almost 13 yr old son

> During the last two doctor visits for my 13-year-old son, we've been
> told by the doctor that the boy is not to use over 80 units of
> insulin a day, that 80 units a day is some sort of insulin ceiling
> for kids who haven't entered puberty yet. What's that about? I've
> never read about it or heard about it.

Everyone's insulin needs are different. Lily and I went through this 
with her endo. He was very concerned when her usage started to rise 
to these higher levels but he worked with us and finally accepted 
that growing kids use lots of insulin. Lily was only about 100-110 
pounds at the time and was using 90u/day. Now, at age 19, she uses 
about 30 - 40 depending on how much she eats -- quite a difference. I 
would not think it unusual for your son to use substantially more 
than Lily at the same metabolic and growth rates + almost twice the 
body mass.

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> Pete weighs about 180 lb, so
> if we figure 1 unit/kg, he would be around 90. . . which is about
> where Pete's insulin intake is. Anyone else heard about the 80
> unit/day rule?
> Joyce Riske
> email @ redacted
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