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Re: [IP] basals for my almost 13 yr old son

> I have been reading this list for a long time and have received mush
> needed info. My question is...I have a almost 13 yr old son and am
> wondering what is the largest per hour basals do you all use???? He
> is at 1 unit some of the hours and I probably need to increase
> that.I do know that hormones during puberty increases the need for
> more insulin.The endo said to increase by .1 every other day...he is
> very active playing basketball now.I have the Pumping Insulin book
> but want to ask you experts!!! SYLVIA mom to Donny dx 7/2000 pumping
> since 7/2002

It varies for each kid. When Lily was a young teen, there were times 
when her night time basals were close to 2u/hr and she ran 1u/hr or 
more most of the day. That only lasted a few months, but it was nerve 
wracking cranking them up that high.

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