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Re: [IP] Specifics about Paradigm

If your thinking of the battery problem with it losing its memory after about 1 minute.  They've changed the newer ones and they don't conk out.  My pump is great and I've had it running just over 1 month and have had absolutly no problems with it.  I would think this pump would be great for a 13 year old and as it is water proof, strong has no hinges and doesn't click and on and on.  Personnally you couldn't pay me to use the 508.  I used it for 1 week trial and was ok with it till I tried the paradigm and now  I would never trade my paradigm for anything.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> A while back I went through the decision process of paradigm or 
> 508. After some time, I decided to go on the 508. I just started 
> yesterday on and so far so good. Hooray.  
> At work today, a friend told me of her 12 year old son who is on a 
> 508, and plans to upgrade to the Paradigm in a couple of weeks.
> I told her that I follow the emails in this list, and was a bit 
> concerned about a some kind of power issue resetting  the pump, or 
> shutting it off (or something!) I was reading in people's emails.
> Of course, since I made the decision to go the 508, I trashed all 
> of those messages. Now, I've been looking through the index and 
> can't find what I remember reading.
> If you've had specific experience with the Paradigm, could you 
> please email me privately?
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