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[IP] glucowatch for kids

I know this subject has been hashed out many times, but I promised some people
that I would give my opinion, so here goes.
We bought the glucowatch with money out of pocket.  I sent $1,058.00 to get
started.  We tried it over the period of a couple of weeks.  We were trying it
on my 2 year old, Maverick.  It states a two hour warm up, but it sometimes
took 5 hours.  Somedays, we never did get it to warm up.  You have to be
between 49 and 271, I think it was, to calibrate the machine.  Somedays, we
never could calibrate it.  On the very few occasions that all went as planned,
it was horribly inaccurate.  One day it kept alarming that he was going low.
The screen showed blood sugars like 120, 105, 96, but when I checked him he
was 350.  I know it works on averages, but there is no way that was an
I finally decided to send it back, only to find out they have no return
policy.  It took approximately 2 months, and a hearing by the board to get
them to agree to let me send it back.  Now I am waiting to see how much money
they return to me.
I truly wish that it had worked for us, because I am desperate for better
control.  Maybe they will have something better on the market soon.
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