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[IP] re: Paradigm clip

For anyone who was anxiously awaiting the Paradigm
clip (like me!), a nice rep. from Minimed sent me an
email in response to my posting here letting me know
that the clip being qualified (I'm assuming that's FDA
speak for 'tested') and should be available shortly
after the new year.

Yay! For me, this is the only issue that prevents me
from loving (vs. merely liking) the Paradigm. Plusses:
the fact that it doesn't click, takes fewer steps to
bolus, has an intuitive interface and is smaller than
the 508. Cons: That darn clip (or lack thereof). It
was the only thing holding me back, but I think the
love affair will begin in January. <g>

In other news, I have to say that I've been very happy
with MiniMed's customer service in my past few
interactions with them - it looks like after a few
rocky post-Medtronic-merger months that they're
returning to the company that many of us know and
love. Keep it up!

(geez, a lot of love in this post... ;-) 


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