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[IP] Blue Cross Insurance Stuff

During settling some confusion with my former insurance company
(Blue Cross of CA), it appears that Minimed charged us
$714 for pump supplies. Apparently, the negotiated rate
with Blue Cross for these same supplies is only $134.53.

Now I can see Minimed charging less to Blue Cross than
what they charge for retail customers, but I think this
is outrageous. If they can make a profit by charging
only $134.53, then charging $714 retail, seems like price
gouging, as the other $500+ goes directly to profit.

Has anyone experienced this?

I would hope that someone could do something
to bring the retail prices more in line so that real
people could actually afford them.

Does anyone know who might be interested in looking more
at what appears to be price-gouging?
(a state insurance investigator or someone?)
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