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Re: [IP] implantable glucose sensor...

>  so when do you guys think something more practical will come out, as 
>far as a hypo sensor...this doesnt seem to difficult to come out with,
>i know many companies have been working hard at the sensors, just 
>wondering when you all think it will actually be out and make our 
>lives a bit easier!!

I'm expecting it to be a while before we see one that does what you're 
suggesting.  Even the one that is in testing by Minimed, which uses an 
infusion-type-set like a pump requires that you still calibrate a 
couple times a day with fingertip testing.

Until that day, testing 7+ times a day is the best way to avoid 
hypos...or at the very least, minimize their effects.  Since being on 
the pump, the number of hypos I experience has NOT decreased...but I 
don't go extremely low nearly as often.  I usually catch lows now 
before going below 60-70.  I used to frequently get into the 50's or 
lower.  WHen I get lows in the 50's, I would get these horrible 
headaches a couple hours later that ONLY Tylenol would take away 
(Ibuprofen nor asperin would touch it).
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