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[IP] implantable glucose sensor...

hey peeps...so im very avid about the technological advances that have come about, and i am awaiting the artificial pancreas, hopefully thrrough minimed, disetronic or animas, whichever one comes first...but until then, i just want one thing....a sensor to detect hypo levels and then go, beep beep beep...so i know and i can then eat some sugar!! i have this terrible fear of being paranoid of oncoming hypos, especially in big public situations, and i know if i had a device, like an implantable glucose sensor that would beep when my levels would get too low, then i would be at total ease and it would make my life, and im sure many others, much easier.. i know that the glucowatch currently has features designed in it to alarm when levels are too low, too high, or falling too rapidly, but personally, i think the glucowatch sucks...it doesnt seem efficient at all, considering you have to "warm it up" for 3 hours...and then calibrate it, and then the skin irritations and blah blah blah..not to mention the price!!!!!!

  so when do you guys think something more practical will come out, as far as a hypo sensor...this doesnt seem to difficult to come out with, i know many companies have been working hard at the sensors, just wondering when you all think it will actually be out and make our lives a bit easier!!

   i hate hyposs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) cheers, bassem
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