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[IP] Pump stuff

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] help!

Hi everyone,
I am a 26 year old type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed at 12 years old and I am
currently still injecting 2x a day.  I am considering getting a pump but
know anything about them.  I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I
not follow a very consistent diet, with a full time job and two kids
it's hard to remember to take care of myself. Also I am a little scared of
having something attached to me at all times. Can anyone give me advice on
is a good pump?
Also I was seeing a wonderful Endo Dr. in Providence for my last pregnancy
he has since moved his practice to Connecticut (too far) so I am stuck
for a good Dr who will help me with this process.
Can I get some advice from someone who knows where I'm coming from???

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I know exactly what you are thinking. You are afraid to purchase a pump that
might be the wrong one for you. you hate the idea of being dependant on a
piece of machinery and having to be hooked up to it day and night. all the
pumps being marketed currently are good pumps. they all pass fda specs and
are self testing and checking. they are unobtrusive and most are
silent.There was an excellent pump comparison in diabetes interview a few
months ago. My first pump was a minimed 508. it was a good pump, towards the
end of its life time it started eating batteries. there were 2 occasions
where i sent it back to california for some repairs.Maximum cartridge
capacity was 300 units. It had a radio control for remote bolusing, a
feature I used once when I went out for New years eve dinner. I did not
think the remote added much utility to the pump. it did increase battery
drain and ran down batteries quickly.My next pump was an Animas IR1000
its alarm was loud enough to here in a noisy restaurant. if you did not do
what it demanded it sirened until you paid attention.
unlike the minimed it did not click during delivery of insulin a definate
plus in the operating room. it does not vibrate, not good if you cannot hear
well.It holds 300 units of insulin although I only use about 142 units
every7.4 days clipped to the back of an OR gown a nurse could bolus with it
because it has an ATM user interface which is intuitive. Ive had diabetes
for > 40 years, i'm not a kid (63) I have 2 grandkids. my kids are now young
ladies and although the kids and grandkids are all at risk, i hope they
don't get this since pumping, my vision has become stable and my kidney
function has improved. its worth all the drawbacks you can think of spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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