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[IP] Re: ATA and flying with diabetic supplies/Non-diabetics comments

Just an update - I did get a note from my daughter's regular doctor who is in 
the area so she wouldn't have to worry about it.  Of course she didn't need 
anything going through security either way.  
She had a great time but the evening of Thanksgiving took 14 units of Humalog 
instead of her Lantus by mistake.  I know the last thing she wanted to do was 
eat enough to cover 14 units of insulin but she did and was fine.  It did make 
her nervous to realize that she could make a mistake that could have severe 
consequences.  She said she really doesn't mind being diabetic but is upset 
about some of the things people say and when they give advise and they really 
don't know what they are talking about.  She felt shaky and tested and was 74 
so she ate a piece of candy and her step-mom who is a nurse told her that was 
in the normal range and asked who told her she should eat something at 74.  
Her Dad, who used to tell me that maybe I wasn't diabetic (thought I should go 
in the hospital and try to get off insulin - like it was a drug addiction!) 
told her maybe it was an immune problem and maybe she wasn't diabetic.  She 
said yes it is an auto immune problem because my body attacked my pancreas!  
I can't protect her from people saying thoughtless things but at least she has 
the knowledge to defend herself. Also have been trying to remind her about how 
many good decisions she has made about her diabetes. Including that she 
doesn't want to drink right now because she knows she needs to be aware of how 
she feels and her drinking buddies would probably not be able to help her.  
She is still feeling awkward about going out with them so that is another 
hurdle for her to cross.

Type 1  - 29 years, pumping 3+  
and daughter Melinda - Type 1 - 1 month on multiple injections.
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