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Re: [IP] Paradigm clip?

At 08:32 PM 12/2/02 -0800, you wrote:
 >Has anyone heard anything about MM developing a clip
 >for the Paradigm? I was assured by a MM rep about four
 >months ago that there was one in development... I
 >really hate the fact that there's no clip on the pump
 >- the holster is ok, but it is HUGE - I only use it at
 >home or else it feels like I'm wearing a
 >walkie-talkie. The cases for the Paradigm just stink.
 >Someone send me a ray of hope... :-)

My Paradigm--which I got in July of this year--came with a leather case 
that has a built in clip.  The clip is extremely tight, but other than that 
I have no complaints. The case is fairly small and unobtrusive like the 
leather case for the 508.

I have never used the Paradigm holster, myself. It's way too bulky for me.

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