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mattias wrote:
>I much prefer 
> to just zip open the One Touch Ultra case, test, and go (about 10 seconds 
> total time).  Happy testing, mattias

Mattias - I do the same thing and so does my daughter.  I used to wipe them 
off with alcohol but now that is too much trouble and I just change when I 
think about it and have never had an infection testing 6 - 8 times a day.  My 
insurance does cover it now and someone gave me a lot of lancets so I think I 
have enough to last for decades!  And to think when I was pregnant 18+ years 
ago, my insurance wouldn't even cover the test strips so I had to cut them in 
quarters because it was so expensive.

Type 1 29 years, pumping 3+ year
testing about 20 years off and on
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