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On 12/2/02 12:23 PM, "David  Flagg" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> At 01:12 PM 12/2/02, you wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> My company has asked me if my daughter has ever gotten an infection from
>> using lancets or lancing devices.  I have not had this happen.
>> Has anyone had this happen?
>> ----------------------------------------------------------
> I've been using lancets since 1984 (change with every test), and have never
> gotten an infection from them.
> David
> ----------------------------------------------------------

I've been testing since the late 70's and used to change lancets each time
back then.  Since the mid eighties I've changed less frequently and the only
problems I encounter are because I am a printer.  That ink seems to get into
the hole so it looks like I have my finger tips tattooed, but no infections.

George    :>)
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