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[IP] Whooping Cough

> a call from her dr and found out that my 14 yr old niece has
> Whooping Cough.  Elizabeth was exposed, but so far isn't coughing.
> Monday AM I put a call into Eliz pediatrician and told her all this.
>  Elizabeth is now on antibiotics for ten days.  Any suggestions on
> anything else I can do? Thanks, Nancy Mom of Elizabeth 11, dx 5/97
> and pumping 7/01
have not done pediatrics in about 35 years but most little folks get
immunized against it around age 3. then its not an issue. pertussis is a bad
illness in kiddies and adults. its part of the DPT shot (its the P). hope
she does not get it. spot with fingers crossed. you have done everything you
could.  if she was not coughed on she probably is safe,

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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