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[IP] insurance again

anticipating what it will say above my message--okay, Michael, it's time for
me to send in my contribution.  and I shall  :)

thanks to everyone who responded to my insurance dilemma (the change to a
form of Blue Cross wherein MiniMed is considered "out of network" & thus
pump supplies from them will be covered at only 30%, yada yada).  I tried
some of the middlemen numbers you kindly sent, but no dice.  It boiled down
to finding a supplier in my state (Louisiana).  I spent lots of time on the
phone and finally hit paydirt.  A kindly diabetes educator put me in touch
with an outfit in New Orleans that will get the supplies for me.  As a
middleman, this outfit of course hikes up the price--but not anywhere near
the 100% (yikes!) some of you reported with your own middlemen.  Only a mere
30% markup.  So, my insurance will cover 80% of the total, meaning they'll
pay 80% of 130%, instead of the 80% of the 100% they used to pay.

But of course they'll pass the cost along to me, indirectly, to be sure.

What a racket.  If this were any other business, there'd be legislation
prohibiting this sort of thing.

BTW I had a nice response from Disetronic, who said they'd help me find an
in-network supplier for their pump supplies.  MiniMed would not help me
locate a supplier--merely shuffled me around on their maddening phone system
for an entire afternoon. At least they sent me an emergency "sample" of
supplies--that was pretty darn nice of them. I'm starting my research for my
4-year upgrade next year.  Quality of customer service & availability of
supplies are factoring in, you betcha.

Meanwhile, wish I had a nickel for every minute I've spent haggling with
insurance companies in this lifetime.  I'd buy you each a box of infusion
sets of your choice & use the rest to take a vacation  ;/

dxed 1970, & I never give up
else I wouldn't have made it this far
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