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I reuse my lancets all the time, untill they get dull and hurt!!! OUCH.
Jhughey was asking about a meter that works like an O2 sat meter. I have
heard about some watches, that check your glucose. There is a company that I
am going with to get a pump from, (Animas Corp) that is doing trials right
now on an implemanted glucose sensor. ?The sensor is implanted into your
chest, off to the side of the breast, just under the arm in the fatty
tissue. it then sends signals to a watch, that will sound if your geeting to
low or to high. It is a great advance for us all, I look forward to getting
to test it in the trials as I am on the list to be a tester. I will let
every one know how it works....to check them out our self..........

1-877-yes-pump www.animascorp.com
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> I have been doing home BGs since 1982 and have always reused my lancets. I
> have not had any infections. I'd sure like something like someone
> that tests BGs such as the oxygen on the finger thingy. (~_^)
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