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RE: [IP] ATA and flying with diabetic supplies

I flew in February after 9/11 and I had called the airline ahead of time to be 
sure that I wouldn't have a problem. They told me all I needed to bring was a 
pharmacy perscription label for my supplies. I did that but I was never asked 
for them. I think they are very used to plenty of diabetics flying with 
supplies. But to be sure I would just call the airline you fly with and they 
can tell you specifics.
Hope this is some help.
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> It's after Turkey Day and I'm catching up on my 360 pumper emails:-)
> I wanted to chime in on the flying thing.
> I have never needed a Dr. note or anything to fly.  But I have not flown since 
> 9/11/01.  I did receive a letter and enclosed card from Disetronic shortly after 
> 9/11 which was a pumper's ID card and a line for my endo to sign which states 
> that I'm a Type I and wear a pump which must remain on me 24/7.  I keep that in 
> my wallet at all times for any possible needs but it was sent specifically for 
> flying.
> Also an addendum about the original person who sent this saying her pump set off 
> the metal detectors at the airport.  I have been pleasantly surprised that my 
> Disetronic H-tron+ has never set off any security detectors I've ever gone 
> through!  Whether at airports, sporting events or anything else!  I always get 
> nervous as I approach but I slide through without a beep every time:-)
> I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I DID!
> --janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
> ************************************************************************
> >>Has anyone else heard this from an airline or more importantly actually
> needed
> a doctor's note to get on the plane with supplies?  I haven't had a problem
> (except my pump setting off the scanners which was OK when I explained what
> it
> was or they patted me down) and I haven't heard of anyone else having a
> problem.  I told the woman at ATA that we have enough things to do without
> going to the doctor for a note every time we fly!  My daughters is going to
> her Dad's for over 10 days in January, would that mean that she would need
> another note for the return trip!  It's not like she is going to become
> undiabetic!
> Well, I am from Canada, now in USA. When I was in Edmonton, AB, when ever I
> flew anywhere, I got a doctors note, there was no specific time before
> departure that I had to have this by, and I was asked for it once, and I
> used tha same note comming home. I never heard of the pharmacy label thing,
> just the doctors note thing.
> I hope she has a fun trip, and I would try to combine her doctors visit with
> a check up if possible, thats what I always did, at the end of the
> appointement " ohhhhhhh, by the way I need....." lol  I also couldent always
> get into the endo for the note, so I just used my family doc a few times, I
> dont think they care what kind of doc it is,as long as its a docs note.
> Well, thats all I know about that! Good luck and happy holidays!!
> Tami in Tucson
> Pumpin since Nov 1/02
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