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Denise wrote:

<snip>You are very unusual in that you change lancets every time.
>Most people do not do this. I try to encourage it.

After I was first diagnosed 9 years ago I would change lanclets every test.  
I guess I just find changing lenclets a huge hassle, so I change them about 
once every 3 months now.  This might seem absurd, but I have never ever had 
an infection.  I'm testing between 5 and 8 times a day.

I guess I'm a bit curious about the need to change lanclets every test, and 
how necessary this really is.  I don't mean to encourage poor sterile 
technique, I just want to add my own experience to the topic.  I much prefer 
to just zip open the One Touch Ultra case, test, and go (about 10 seconds 
total time).  Happy testing,

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