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Re: [IP] paradigm alarm ?

       I've had my Paradigm since August and about 2
months ago, I kept getting weird alarms, and NO
DELIVERY alarms and Minimed sent me a new pump.. If
you dont feel comfortable with that pump tell minimed
YOU want a new one...Good luck let know what
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> Have a question.....Late last night my daughter's
> paradign alarm went off.  
> We checked everything and could find nothing wrong
> with it so sent her back 
> to bed.  This happen for about half an hour and we
> didn't know why.  Thought 
> maybe something in her room (toy) that had infrared
> remote  might be the 
> problem so brought her into our room, same problem. 
> Called mini-med at 
> 11:30 and they would call be back didn't hear from
> them by midnight so 
> called back and got to talk to a real person and he
> took me through some 
> steps and couldn't find anything wrong.  He tells me
> to hold on and comes 
> back and has me push the up arrow I do and the bolus
> screen comes on with 
> the .5 setting and he has me wait and after alittle
> bit the alarm sounds.  
> He says my daughter must be rolling over on it I say
> thanks and we hang up.  
> Now to the question I don't think she was rolling
> over on it that many times 
> but was wondering if she could have done it once and
> the arrow was sticking 
> or something has this happen to anyone else?  Sorry
> this was so long.
> judy mom to Becca 11 today pumping 11-02
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