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[IP] Re: How I NOW hate injections

>>He was very hormonal and totally out of control.    We kept increasing
his daily Lantus dose,  as well as his 5 Humalog doses,  but couldn't
get him anywhere near controlled.    We were practically living at the
hospital,  he'd lost 16% of his body weight,  etc.    I guess I'm just a
little leary of finding ourselves back in that same boat. 
Obviously,  this is probably all psychological on my part,  but I'd 
rather inject him non-stop
than chance have him getting that sick again<<

I didn't realize you had used Lantus before pumping.  Sorry to hear 
Zachary had so many problems while using it.  I was going on our 
experience and the patients in our endo's office who use it 
successfully during pump failure or mini-vacations from the pump.  I 
know what you mean about long acting insulins and their 
unpredictability.  We would never use NPH or Ultralente again.  But 
Lantus for us was very predictable and constant with no peaks.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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