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[IP] Babies needed for study

Copied from 12/1/02 Parade magazine:

Type 1 diabetes strikes without warning, usually before age 21. It's caused
by antibodies attacking the pancreas, and its costs are high -- up to
$60,000 a year to treat the disease and its complictions. But new studies in
Finland suggest that babies who are 100% breastfed are less likely to get
the disease.

Now doctors in the U.S. are conducting a trial to see if breastfeeding helps
at-risk babies -- those with a parent or sibling with Type 1 diabetes.

If you are pregnant and your newborn will fit the risk criteria, he or she
may be eligible for the TRIGR trial. Babies who won't breastfeed will get
safe infant formulas to see if that helps prevent Type 1 diabetes.

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