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[IP] paradigm alarm ?

Have a question.....Late last night my daughter's paradign alarm went off.  
We checked everything and could find nothing wrong with it so sent her back 
to bed.  This happen for about half an hour and we didn't know why.  Thought 
maybe something in her room (toy) that had infrared remote  might be the 
problem so brought her into our room, same problem.  Called mini-med at 
11:30 and they would call be back didn't hear from them by midnight so 
called back and got to talk to a real person and he took me through some 
steps and couldn't find anything wrong.  He tells me to hold on and comes 
back and has me push the up arrow I do and the bolus screen comes on with 
the .5 setting and he has me wait and after alittle bit the alarm sounds.  
He says my daughter must be rolling over on it I say thanks and we hang up.  
Now to the question I don't think she was rolling over on it that many times 
but was wondering if she could have done it once and the arrow was sticking 
or something has this happen to anyone else?  Sorry this was so long.

judy mom to Becca 11 today pumping 11-02

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