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[IP] Re: Keeping it on

"I am also a very active sleeper, and my husband is worried I'm going to
destroy the pump in my first night."

I'm using the Paradigm and there's no clip to attach it to my pajamas.  I was
also wondering where I would put it at night, especially if I'm wearing a
nightgown.  I discovered a really comfortable bra by Maidenform that works
well to sleep in.  It's not a "normal" bra that I wear during the day unless
I'm at home, because it doesn't offer much in the way of shape under your
clothes.  It's perfect to sleep in though - I don't even know I have it on.  I
refer to it as my "jammy bra" because it's so comfortable. I just slip the
pump into the front (from the bottom) and it's cradled loosely but securely
there by the fabric of the bra, and I don't feel it.  (Unlike my regular bra
where I can feel the pump being pressed into my chest by the elastic.)  The
style is called:  Maidenform Body Hugs - Micro-tek Cotton Crop Top (style
#40938).  You can go to Maidenform.com and see what it looks like as well as
order it, but you probably want to try one on first in a department store
along with your pump to see how it works for you.  They have another similar
style that is not as comfortable - it's tighter and made from nylon instead of
cotton.  I don't know about the other accessories, hope this offers one
solution for sleeping.

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