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Re: [IP] Re: How I NOW hate injections 1

> We used Lantus for Noah's background insulin when his pump failed a
> few weeks ago.  One injection in the morning.  He then injected
> Novolog to cover meals.

We've so far avoided reintroducing the Lantus with each of these failures
because I'm hesitant to go that route again.    The reason Zachary finally
agreed last January to let us order a pump was because he had just spent
a few months getting  sicker and sicker until he spent the last month
prior to the pump throwing up daily.

He was very hormonal and totally out of control.    We kept increasing
his daily Lantus dose,  as well as his 5 Humalog doses,  but couldn't
get him anywhere near controlled.    We were practically living at the
hospital,  he'd lost 16% of his body weight,  etc.    I guess I'm just a
leary of finding ourselves back in that same boat.     Obviously,  this is
probably all psychological on my part,  but I'd rather inject him non-stop
chance have him getting that sick again.

If he was to be off the pump for more than a few days,  I'd HAVE to give in
and try Lantus again.................if for no other reason than I eventually
some sleep  :)


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