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[IP] Re: combining Ultra OneTouch strips in 1 vial

<<"Bruce Mossman" <email @ redacted>
...I'd like to condense and put 50 strips into one vial...>>

We get about 10 boxes at time from insurance pharmacy, and
they're good enough to send them all from the same code.
Typically we keep 1 vial in the case, and refill into it as
much as our son will need for a day or so - or for a week
if we're going out of town (even for a weekend - we pack
heavy for diabetes supplies).  We never asked about it - I
just figure that as long as we keep the codes separate & use
them relatively quickly that we're in good shape.  The one
thing we've not had a problem with is strips going past the
expiration date, as Luke tests about 6-8x/day.  I know strips
shouldn't be open too long, but under a week seems reasonable.

Good luck.  
Shelly V, Austin TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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