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[IP] Re: basal testing

> <<<Ashley,
> If you don't have a copy of Pumping Insulin, get one. Also, if you
> click around the IP home page, you will locate a basal rate profiler
> assist.
> >>>
> I do have Pumpong Insulin, and the problem with that book is that
> the fasting method for basal testing always comes out so differently
> each time I do it.  I don't sleep regularly and my schedule is so
> off the wall sometimes, that a basal rate is tough for me to attain.
>  Anyone experience this?  And advice? Thanks! Ashley Aroma Verde

You must be very patient. One time it took a whole month to get 
suitable fasting night time basals for my daughter. We just went at 
it every 2 or 3 days for the sleep period -- leaving plenty of 
in-between time to rest up. Her basals were really out of whack and 
getting repeatable data was difficult -- finally got it and 
everything else just feel into place. Pick the same time period for 
each trial run and make sure you have fasted for at least 5 hours 
before starting. The data points don't have to have the exact same 
start and end points, just the shape of the bg curve is important. 
Once you have satisfactory duplicate data, adjusting and verifying 
the new basal should be much easier. There is a tool on the HOWTO 
page of the web site that might help as well, once you get good data. 

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