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[IP] Cold remedies ang bgs.

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Guaifed/PseudoE for Colds

Does anyone have a problem taking cold rememdies as far as your sugar is
concerned?  I took a Guaifed (sp?) and now feel all jittery and my sugars are
super high..... woke up at 107, didn't eat and now sugar is 345!
Guifed is in a syrup base made with sucrose and will boost your bg. Psueudo
Ephredrine is a potent CNS stimulant and can make you jumpy, jittery and later
feeling buzzed. I hate the feeling and never take it. the thing to remember
about colds is that they only last a week or seven days depending on the
treatment. unless you get another infection i find they rarely affect my bgs
in a meaninful way.Fevers on the other hand do make me insulin resistant  and
I treat those with Asprin and tea.
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