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[IP] Novolog - Long lasting sites

I don't know if any of you remember me, but I posted to the list about 6
weeks ago. My daughter was having problems
with her sites not lasting more than 24-36 hours. The Endo's response was to
switch to daily site changes. 

Several people on the list were kind enough too mention Novolog and the
success they were having with it. I did some research and talked to my
daughter's Endo about it and his initial response was "no". Well, I met with
him on 12/17 and he agreed to let us try it. Nobody else in the practice is
using Novolog so my daughter is the first.

It's only been 2 weeks, but WOW what an improvement. We are doing 3 - 4 day
site changes and my daughter is now getting the best numbers we've seen
since she was diagnosed 5 years ago. We had to adjust her basal rates a bit
due to a few lows but she's doing incredible!! She's had a few highs which
have been explainable and when we do a correction bolus, her blood sugar
comes back in line right away now. 

THANK YOU!! to everyone who responded to my post. Our lives have been
greatly improved the past 2 weeks and will hopefully continue to get better
and better.

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