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[IP] Angiogram

From: "pc&vc" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Angiogram

I am scheduled for an angiogram on January 9 and was wondering if anyone has
had this experience and how did you handle it with the pump?
Make sure the cardiologist doing the angiogram knows you have T1 D, especially
if you have any kidney problems, drink lots of fluids before you go for the
test and keep drinking after to be sure your kidneys can get rid of the
contrast material. Set your pump on your lowest basel and have the
cardiologist check your bg before he removes the catheter. If you need an
angioplasty nothing else need be done. let your sugars run a little higher to
get rid of the contrast material and keep drinking. hope you don't have any
significant disease. spot
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