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History of insulin, was: RE: [IP] Humalog refused by insurance & Novo

George responded to the thread about drug companies "profiting" from
insulin / insulin analogs:

> That may be, Pat, but it still to me says that Novo-Nordisk 
> may care a little more about even the minority of insulin 
> pumpers than E. Lilly does.  I respect a company that 
> seems to go the extra distance for even a minority.  And 
> Novolog DOES work better than Humalog did for me, so I may be 
> in an even smaller minority.  Thanks very much 
> Novo!!!      ;>)

For those of you who have the time, there's an excellent book titled
"The Discovery  of Insulin", by Michael Bliss. In it, he recounts the
details of the struggles surrounding the research, discovery and
development of reliable strains of insulin in quantities sufficient to
meet the demands of patients throughout the world.

Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk were the two companies who expressed interest
in producing the refined product for distribution. Eli Lilly wanted to
sell the product, in exchange for exclusive distribution rights to the
product. Novo Nordisk wanted to produce and distribute the product, for
free, to all those who needed it. The University of Toronto (where
Banting and Best's research labs were located) needed funding for
expansion. As you can guess, Eli Lilly got the deal, the University got
their funding, and we got our insulin - at a price. As they say, the
rest is history ....

Bob Burnett
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