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Re: [IP] High blood sugars-menstruation

This always happens to me each month with some months being worse than 
others.  The norm usually is that I experience high's for a day or two 
before and as soon as my bg's stabilize - I usually start.  Since you are 
new to the pump, it will be trial and error as it is for us all.  Have you 
changed sites?  I usually move the site if I don't see improvement in bg's 
after 2-3 consecutive high readings.  Once you have ruled out all the 
mechanical issues that go with the pump (bad site, bubbles in 
tubing/reservoir,etc.), you can assume that it is caused by either hormones, 
stress or illness.  Hormones can block insulin causing you to use more 
during times of the month (during pregnancy this is why your insulin 
requirements increase greatly - at least mine did). Best of luck to you!!!!

Jenie Harrison
dx'd 7/93, pumping 8/99
2 healthy pregnancies resulting in healthy kids - 1 w/shots, 1 w/pump

P.S. - You know - I never thought I'd say this, but I am thankful that I 
have diabetes because it has made me realize what I want to do with my life. 
  At age 31 I am starting school this spring to get my RN to work for either 
a Perinatologist or OB w/diabetics and all the challenges that go along with 
this disease and pregnancy.  Having gone through it 2x myself, I know how 
challenging it is.  I know I would never have come to this conclusion if I 
didn't have diabetes myself.  - My apologies for getting way off the subject 
- with it being New Year's EVe and all, I've done some self reflecting. ;)


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