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Re: [IP] Humalog refused by insurance & Novo

On 30 Dec 2001 at 12:11, Patrick G. Jobe wrote:

> > I just wanted you to know that there was a product release on 12/26/01 by
> > Novo and this is what it said "NovoLog is the first and only insulin
> > analog indicated for use in insulin pumps."  It is possible that insurance
> > companies may only pay for that insulin since it is the only approved drug for
> > pumps. I am confused as to why Lilly waited so long when they knew this is what
> > Novo had in mind.  Formerly a pump rep.  Kathy O

> Possibly, because they don't think it manners. a) Pumpers are a minority
> among insulin users b) doctors are not restricted c) historically the
> insurance companies have paid regardless and d)many doctors (my endo for
> example) are going to prescribe humalog anyway if they think it is best (or in
> some cases even just suitable).
> Pat

That may be, Pat, but it still to me says that Novo-Nordisk may care a little more about even the minority of insulin pumpers than E. Lilly does.  I respect a company that 
seems to go the extra distance for even a minority.  And Novolog DOES work better than Humalog did for me, so I may be in an even smaller minority.  Thanks very much 
Novo!!!      ;>)

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