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[IP] RE: thanks, and request for help with basal testing and alcohol consumption

>I need MAJOR help finding my "true" basal rates, high bg bolus, etc.  
Itnever works when I do it alone and I have no support here.  If anyone 
canhelp out, or needs to do the same and wants to do it together, please let 
meknow.Happy new year!Ashley<

If you don't have a copy of Pumping Insulin, get one. Also, if you click 
around the IP home page, you will locate a basal rate profiler assist.

Alcohol may cause some problems with BG control because the alcohol prevents 
the liver from releasing glucose if you are going low, so ALWAYS eat 
something (mixed meal with carbs, protein, a little fat).  Don't forget to 
check BG before going to sleep, if drinking anything. The sweeter mixed 
drinks should be avoided, because they will put BG up, but then you still 
have to deal with the effects of the alcohol on the liver.
You might want to check the archive for prior messages and discussions about 
alcoholic drinks. 
Stay safe.
Happy New Year!
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