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[IP] Re:Humalog & Novolog also sets falling out

If the pharmacy changes the insulin type, do they also tell the person to 
redo their basal tests? To me, that was very unsafe. I had to lower most of 
my basals- similar to when Humalog first became available. So, switch with 
In sets falling out - like Barbara said, change part of your technique. I 
have had patients who's sets didn't fall out anymore once they stopped using 
the IV prep - go figure. Or try the Quick-set as it uses another type tape. 
MiniMed & Disetronic will mail you free samples of theirs (can't remember the 
name of Disetronic's new set - but it is SO like MM's, no inserter, but it 
was quite easy to use). Jeannie H.
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