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[IP] Thanks!

I posted "Help!" a few days ago and wanted to thank you all for your
responses.  I got my new pump....traded mine in for a new more functioning
one, and seems to be working well. I think the holiday season is just so
hectec (not to mention the exercise equipment not readily available due to
holiday closings) that it is all adding up and sending my BG's through the
roof.  I have been 300 plus for the past few days, even weeks at some
points.  I am very cautious about what I eat, so that isn't really a
problem.  And now I have a cold, but it has only lasted a day due to
Come January 1st, I NEED to get a tight grip on my control.  I will be back
to work and classes and my active routine will resume.
    I need MAJOR help finding my "true" basal rates, high bg bolus, etc.  It
never works when I do it alone and I have no support here.  If anyone can
help out, or needs to do the same and wants to do it together, please let me
Happy new year!
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