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[IP] 4y with diabetes ?pump

In a message dated 12/29/2001 8:39:43 AM Mountain Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> I have a 4 year old with diabetes.  I am considering getting a pump for
>  but the doctor wants to wait a while first.

I agree with Lindy...  My son is 1 month away from 3 years old and is pumping
since august 2001.  I have found that the main reason for the docs not to put
children on the pump is because they are afraid you are not ready for it???
We were one year on MDI and I was to the point of desperation (difficult to
manage efficiently and my son was getting difficult with the injections).  We
went to the Diabetes 123 conference and tried the pumps in ourselves with
saline instead of insulin (my husband and I) and showed our son how other
children have them so he did not have to use injections so frequently.  After
that conference we were absolutely convinced that the pump was the way to go
(better bs control in many trials).  We discussed with our endo who is a very
understanding person and he offered to put our son in a trial pump for few
days to see if he accepted such a device.  Well it was a success!.  The pump
brought us freedom.  It is not perfect, still it is hard to match the insulin
for the basal (we use 5 during the day), I guess because he is a toddler and
sometimes there is no pattern in his numbers to based any change in the
insulin.   But we have gotten much better control, his A1C finally started to
behave and he can eat any time he wants ,,the amounts he wants without having
to inject twice or waiting until he finishes to match the insulin  (of course
you still have to count everything and check very frequently).  He also has
shown lots of respect for his pump and does not touch any of the buttoms.  We
chose Animas because of the small 0.05 delivery for the basals and the great
support; but like others said in this support group all the pumps are good.
Regarding Emla, we started using Xylocaine to numb the insertion site and it
was a disaster!!!!.  Thank God for EMla, it has made our lives much more
easier with the insertion time; now I can tell there is not even a flinch when
I do it.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.

 Also we changed to Novolog and have found that it works faster and apparently
is not giving us problems the third day of the insertion compared to Humalog,
(second week using it), but it is kind of strange, sometimes my son drops
certain numbers the first hour after injected but the second hour the rate of
dropping doubles.  Has anyone encounter the same situation?

Maribel, mom of Brian almost 3 pumping.
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